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It seems to me that sometimes, the more difficult is the situation around us, the wit is more active and willingness to undertake new things increases. This  happens to me.  It's a pleasure and an opportunity to share with you this space to convey to you my intentions and to present you too my work. What happens is that, at this  time, and after my experience as a founding member of the company Acinco_arquitectos, I embark on a new professional stage. At this stage, as responsible  and surrounded, as I have always been of good employees and professionals, intend, through a new corporate structure, enhancing further the fact that office in  Lisbon and Madrid.  During this career had to face the reality that labor sometimes contradicts some principles that we were taught when we were students. But we never ceases to  believe and have faith in our project.    These years of work in different planes of our profession, have served to meet and deal with situations that were not always easy, and that can only be resolved  with good preparation, accuracy, creativity, enthusiasm, discipline and a high dose of confidence in our professional capacities.  For further intend to also create a climate of work and multi-disciplinary collaborations, which allows this difficult economic and professional we live, join forces  to give a professional response in any area of our expertise. We believe it is time to share proposals, ideas and solutions.  Therefore, I believe that only with good intentions and job well done will we be able to triumph in the face of adversity... To work and here we go.    (Full text published in the Iberian Market).
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